Who We Are…

Sunshine Supply & Care is a nonprofit organization based in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Founded by Raayed Saeed, Daniel Benedict, and Jake Kinley – three 11th grade students from Rochester Adams High School – the organization originally focusing on raising funds to provide foster children in the Metro Detroit area with supplies for school so that they are able to access the same opportunities as their peers. Through local fundraisers, we were able to raise money to pay for school supplies to give to foster cares and support their children. Believing that every child is born with potential and some children do not have the tools to fully take advantage of this potential, our hope was to supply children with these tools so that they may showcase their special capabilities in education. Our fundraisers turned out to be quite successful, and we developed a number of partnerships along the way.

Our goal is based around the idea of opportunity.

Which is why in March 2020, during the global COVID-19 pandemic, our team decided that rather than focusing on one specific group to help: why couldn’t we try to help everyone?

Expeditiously, we began developing different services and fundraisers to provide for not only foster children, but our fellow humans as a whole.

Not everyone has the same resources: not everyone gets the same chances. However, we can do our best to help level the playing field for those who need it most. Our goal is to be the sunshine that helps the seed grow. The light that allows the flower to shine among the rest. That is why we are committed to giving everybody a chance to be the best person they can be.

I like to describe our team not as a nonprofit organization, but an out of pocket organization – meaning that unlike other nonprofits who retain parts of their donations, our organization takes NO amount of money from our fundraisers. Of course, this means that each member of our team personally pays out of their own pocket for operational costs to run Sunshine. Although we may be losing our own money, it’s all worth it as long as we are able to benefit others.


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