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raised for Metro Detroit organizations in need

COVID-19 and Our Community:

As soon as the Coronavirus hit Michigan on March 11th, we quickly became one of the top states in the US that was most affected by the virus. As of now, we are ranked third in the most amount of deaths and cases in America. Adding on to this, Oakland County, the home county of all members of our team soon became the second ranked county in Michigan for cases and deaths. On March 28th, the number of recorded cases crossed 1,000 and later crossed 4,000 cases on April 8th. Given these statistics, it is clear why our motivation to raise funds for our county (as well as other counties in Michigan) is strong. Healthcare workers and patients alike need as much help as they can get to survive this global pandemic; we hope that with our fundraiser and your kind donations, we can help get them the help that they deserve

From the heroes of our medical system, to the patients affected by COVID-19, to those who are in need of desperate medical attention that they cannot receive due to overwhelmed hospitals, and to those that are making an effort to stay home and follow the guidelines set by the WHO and CDC, we commend your efforts to control this dangerous virus.

If you would like a constant update on the virus’ effect on our community and the state of Michigan, please visit the links below. These pages provide a day-to-day counter on the number of cases and deaths as well as demographics of those affected.

Thank you for your interest in our organization! We appreciate any and all donations! All proceeds will go directly to help to treat COVID-19 patients in Oakland County, Michigan. Thank you!