COVID-19 Fundraiser

As soon as COVID-19 hit Michigan on March 11th, we quickly became one of the top states in the US that was most affected by the virus. Just weeks later, we were ranked third in the most deaths and cases in America. Adding on to this, Oakland County, our home county, soon became the second ranked county in Michigan cases and deaths. On March 28th, the number of recorded cases crossed 1,000 and later crossed 4,000 cases on April 8th. Given these statistics, it is clear why our motivation to raise funds for our county (as well as other counties in Michigan) began to grow. Healthcare workers and patients alike needed as much help as they could get to survive this global pandemic.

From the heroes of our medical system, to the patients affected by COVID-19, to those who are in need of desperate medical attention that they cannot receive due to overwhelmed hospitals, we felt the obligation to try our best to help them out.

Project Description

By March 31st, 2020, McLaren Oakland had overfilled with COVID patients, and Ascension Rochester also held an overwhelming population of COVID patients as well.

These hospitals required the help of our community in order to treat these patients and flatten the curve in order to slow the spread in our own county and home, as well as in the United States as a whole. Thus, we partnered up with them in order to bring funds to their employees: whether they have been diagnosed with coronavirus themselves, or if they are working 36-hour shifts and need to be fed and taken care of. 1076 Michigander lives had already been cut short while this number was increasing exponentially.

All funds were donated directly to Ascension Providence Rochester and McLaren Oakland Hospitals in Oakland County and were allocated as a caregiver fund meaning that all employees experiencing residual effects of COVID-19 will receive donations. These were distributed towards:

  • Supporting caregivers’ needs or hardships resulting from COVID-19
  • Helping poor and vulnerable patients to cover healthcare costs related to COVID-19
  • Supporting wellness initiatives that provide stress relief, promote mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being to CareGivers who have been called to help us in our time of need

in donations

Help from Our Community

Throughout our fundraiser, our efforts were graciously advanced by help from:

  • WXYZ’s Justin Rose, who aired our story on the news
  • The Oakland Press’s Drew Ellis, who published our story in the paper
  • McLaren Hospital CEO Margaret Dimond, who partnered with our organization to coordinate allocation of funds
  • Ascension Hospital’s Director of Volunteering Lynn McCabe, who partnered with our organization to coordinate allocation of funds
  • The Oakland County Government, who helped raise awareness for our fundraiser
  • Rochester Community Schools, who helped raise awareness for our fundraiser
  • Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan K. Barnett, who helped raise awareness for our fundraiser